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OptaBlate® bone tumor ablation system

Turning two strengths into one

With the addition of the OptaBlate bone tumor ablation system, Stryker now provides a seamless combination of our two core competencies - vertebral augmentation and radiofrequency ablation.

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The outcome you expect—faster than expected.1

OptaBlate provides you with four probes for two simultaneous bipedicular ablations. It also cuts three minutes off the total ablation time, so you can spend less time waiting.1

Simplified from start to finish

The OptaBlate bone tumor ablation generator allows you to easily customize your procedure through ablation settings with different combinations of time and temperature.

Innovated. Not imitated.

Leave bulky cooling lines and frustrating error messages in the past. OptaBlate infuses the lesion site with a simple-yet-revolutionary microinfuser™2 for quicker, more consistent ablation.1 The microinfusion technology is designed to reduce impedance errors and prevent charring.1



Under X-ray guidance, insert access cannulas and advance to the posterior 1/3 of the vertebral body.


Insert hand drill into the anterior third of the vertebral body to create a pathway. The color bands on the hand drill will help you determine which probe size is appropriate for the ablation. Teal indicates a 15mm probe and orange indicates a 20mm probe.


Insert OptaBlate probes and connect microinfuser to begin the flow of sterile saline to the lesion site.


Ablate surrounding tissue using radiofrequency energy.


To perform vertebral augmentation once the tumor is ablated, insert the iVAS Elite balloon catheter or the AVAflex balloon introducer into the fractured vertebra.


Inflate the balloon(s) and fill the cavity with bone cement.